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Research Report

Recruitment Strategies to Win Over Top External Talent

This white paper outlines the urgency drivers for why higher ed must modernize its recruiting and onboarding strategies to attract talent. Then, it provides campus leaders with 10 foundational solutions…
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Partner Service

Strengthening Your Talent Pipeline from Within

This EAB expert-facilitated partner intensive focuses on the financial, organizational, and strategic benefits of investing in internal career advancement.

5 key takeaways from an analysis of the U.S. IT labor market

To compete in today’s cutthroat IT labor market, higher ed leaders need to understand the latest labor market trends from higher ed and across industries to inform how they advertise…
Data & Analytics Blog

IT Labor Market Analysis for Higher Ed

This resource will help higher ed IT leaders gain a better understanding of the IT labor market so they can more effectively advertise jobs and make the argument for competitive…
IT Strategy Advisory Services

3 ways to attract and retain community college staff amid the talent crisis

Community college staff members are taking on larger workloads as enrollments continue to dip. Innovating on how to attract and retain talent is critical for stabilizing student support. This post…

Competency-Based Hiring Toolkit for University Advancement Leaders

Use the competency-based hiring to identify qualified transferable-skills candidates and attract them to your open positions.
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Resource Center

Remote Work and Hybrid Workplace Resource Center

See EAB’s top resources for addressing the challenges and alleviating the pain points common to remote work.
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Research Report

Unpacking university research office structures

Research offices today must address unpredictable funding shifts, complex regulations, and increased competition from other schools for grant funding. These challenges expand and diversify the scope of a research office’s…

Student Internship Tracker

Use this resource to track student intern projects and keep a detailed record of current and past student intern information.

Transferable Skills Compendium

Use the Transferable Skills compendium to identify candidates that may be qualified for a role in advancement but that come from outside of the profession.