Adult Learner Recruitment

EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment initiative combines consumer analytics, intent marketing, market research, and strategic consulting to fuel smart growth for graduate, online, and degree completer programs. Unlike online program management companies, we work with you to drive growth without assuming control of core academic functions like curriculum design. And unlike digital marketing agencies, we are a full funnel enrollment solution—with 30 years of expertise generating results from brand awareness to lead generation—all the way through application marketing and yield management.

Research & Insights


COE leaders face intense pressure to grow. EAB members have shared ambitious goals with us, such as increasing head count by 300% and doubling revenue in three years. When faced with steep targets for enrollment and revenue growth, COE teams turn to a range of adult populations. Four core audiences often arise in conversations with…

Finding and enrolling right-fit students for your graduate and online programs is challenging in part because every adult learner has unique motivations, expectations, and timelines. Some prospective students research their options for three years and still choose employment over enrollment, while others will move from research to application in three months. To recruit adult learners,…

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