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Appily Advance

Cost-effective, high-intent leads for graduate and adult-serving programs
Adult learners are notoriously challenging to find, nurture, and convert. Appily Advance uses a diversified acquisition strategy to generate high-intent leads for your institution’s graduate, healthcare, and adult-serving programs.

An Innovative Lead Generation Solution to Meet Today's Enrollment Challenges

Delivering High-Quality Leads


lower cost per lead compared to Meta, LinkedIn, and Paid Search acquisition


faster response time than leads from test-taker lists


higher response rate among Appily Advance leads compared to institutions' inquiry pools
Maximize Reach with Diversified Sources

Acquire more right-fit students

Backed by EAB’s 12+ years of experience supporting graduate and adult programs through Adult Learner Recruitment, Appily Advance applies a deep understanding of adult student search preferences—alongside rigorous testing and analysis—to find and engage prospective students at scale. We draw from a variety of sources including consumer analytics, paid media, SEO, retargeting, and proprietary resources to identify students interested in returning to school.

  • 36% higher lead form submission rate with Appily Advance than with institution-specific paid search
Validate Interest and Collect Data

Convert general interest into marketable leads

We use multiple methods to confirm student interest and deliver you a curated list of names, including extensive testing and an interactive web experience. Our approach disarms students from their aversion to marketing and fuels higher response rates.

  • Support student career and program discovery
  • Provide students with in-demand info on return on education
  • Receive a customized and vetted list of engaged students
Deliver Right-Fit Leads

Receive rich leads for inclusion in your marketing

We collect and share a variety of student data points including contact information, location, desired degree level, area of interest, and more. This information helps you not only qualify right-fit leads, but also personalize your outreach to students.

  • 100% of Appily leads have confirmed email addresses and phone numbers
Appily Advance

Each of our partners works with a dedicated Strategic Leader who learns your organization and culture to steer your team to the right answers and resources. Our higher ed experts become an extension of your leadership team and expand the capacity of what you can accomplish.

Talk to an Expert
Emily Upton

Vice President, Program Marketing for ALR and General Manager, Agency Services

Specialties Marketing and Recruiting, Lead Generation and Inquiry Management, Digital Marketing and Communications, Student Experience, Market Research, Channel Strategy, Parent and Community Engagement
Sian Blake
Sian Blake

Senior Director, Partner Development

Specialties Channel Strategy, Digital Marketing and Communications, Lead Generation and Inquiry Management, Market Research, Marketing and Recruiting, Online Learning
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    Bamboo aimed to grow enrollment in their adult degree completer program, yet struggled to consistently reach and recruit students due to issues with email deliverability.

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    Sequoia State University, a large public university in the South, was not meeting their growth goals through their partnership with an OPM. The university saw an opportunity to grow their entire online portfolio with EAB by expanding their lead generation and marketing strategies.

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