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Financial Aid Optimization

Our Financial Aid Optimization program ensures that every dollar you commit to aid is used to further your enrollment and net tuition revenue goals. EAB’s dedicated in-house team guides you from financial aid policy development through yield management, and our financial aid analytics platform allows you to monitor real-time performance throughout the enrollment cycle.

Transforming Aid Strategy for Our Partners


combined years of on-campus financial aid optimization project experience


of principals and senior consulting staff have on-campus, practitioner experience


increase in net tuition revenue for EAB’s Financial Aid Optimization

Policy Strategy

Based on a rigorous analysis of your historical data, we identify new market opportunities and help you design an aid policy.

Live Aid Modeling

We specialize in creating aid models that are fully customizable with live simulation capabilities that allow you to explore allocation options.

Award Activity Monitoring

As you award aid, our live modeling enables to you monitor progress and make changes to aid allocation.

Decades of Expertise

Each of our partners works with a dedicated Strategic Leader who learns your organization and culture to steer your team to the right answers and resources. Our higher ed experts become an extension of your leadership team and expand the capacity of what you can accomplish.

Talk to Our Team
Seth Harris

Principal, Financial Aid Optimization

Specialties Enrollment Strategy, Admissions, Yield Management, Data and Analytics, Financial Aid, Revenue Growth, Business Intelligence
Stacie Toal

Principal, Financial Aid Optimization

Specialties Enrollment Strategy, Admissions, Yield Management, Data and Analytics, Financial Aid

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