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Support and recruit first-generation, lower income, and historically underserved students

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Appily, the new all-in-one student website for confident college choices! Appily brings together EAB’s market-leading student resources—Cappex, YouVisit, Greenlight Match and Global Match,—to serve as the home for everything students need to plan, decide, and apply to college.

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College Greenlight is the nation's largest community of professionals supporting and recruiting first-generation, lower-income, and historically underserved students.

By leveraging our nationwide network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to reach students and their advocates earlier, you can develop a diverse pipeline of students who are more likely to apply, enroll, and succeed.

Expand your reach

Showcase your institution to underserved students

Through your Cappex college profile page, College Greenlight students learn about the academic, social, cultural, and financial offerings at your school.

The more students can visualize themselves on your campus, the more confident they will feel communicating with your team and applying for admission.


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Student Inquiries

Guaranteed volume of first-generation, CBO-affiliated, and historically underserved student inquiries based on proximity to the institution or other parameters

College Profile

A customized profile comprised of videos, photos, rich text, and links to external websites

Partner With CBO's

Tap into student advocacy networks to advance institutional priorities

College Greenlight can help you identify and build relationships with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that match your recruitment objectives. Uncover new enrollment opportunities with College Greenlight's network of student advocates.

Learn about the 1500+ college access organizations in our network to locate programs that align with your targeted recruitment goals.

A curated list of organizations can offer immediate and relevant connections to right-fit CBOs in support of your recruitment goals. Get your CBO partnership strategy off the ground faster with expert advice from our team.

Bring your admissions staff together for a session with our college success team. Introduce your staff to best practices for recruiting underrepresented students and maintaining CBO partnerships and keep equity at the forefront of your admissions cycle.

Accelerate key CBO partnerships in desired recruitment markets with guidance from our team. Facilitated introductions between a liaison from your office, newly identified CBOs, and our team can jump-start your connection.

Branded Communication

Promote your diversity and inclusion initiatives

Students often fail to enter the applicant pool due to a lack of information about the admissions and financial aid process. By launching branded communications and event invitations to our college access community, you can demystify the admissions and financial aid process and increase your applicant pool.


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CBO Newsletter

Annual or bi-annual branded emails to provide updates for CBO advisors and counselors each admissions cycle.

CBO Webinar

Interactive sessions for your team to share policy updates, enrollment trends, and application tips with college advisors.

Student Email Promotion

Segmented scholarship or campus visit announcements for College Greenlight students.

The Future of Student Recruitment

With our innovative technology, you can admit a diverse set of prequalified students in new recruitment markets without stressing over excessive travel costs.

Partner results and stories


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Expanding Access and Opportunity Through Community-Based Organization and College Partnerships

College Greenlight partnered with the American Talent Initiative (ATI) to research best practices for colleges to collaborate with CBOs to recruit and enroll more students from historically marginalized communities.

Meet our experts

Each of our partners works with a dedicated Strategic Leader who learns your organization and culture to steer your team to the right answers and resources. Our higher ed experts become an extension of your leadership team and expand the capacity of what you can accomplish.

Jonathan April

Jonathan April

Managing Director, College Greenlight

Wenie Lado

Wenie Lado

Senior College Success Manager, College Greenlight

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Ben Toll, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, George Washington University

"Cappex's Greenlight product typically has been our strongest ROI source in the last couple of years. I'm excited how the combination of services will lead to stronger overall results in the future."

Karen Schrum, ‎Assistant Vice President, Enrollment & Student Advancement at University of Chicago

"We believe in helping students of all backgrounds achieve their potential, regardless of their economic situation. College Greenlight provides a unique and effective approach for reaching these students and building relationships with the organizations and counselors that support them."

Support and recruit first-generation, lower income, and historically underserved students

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In a digital-first world, YouVisit virtual tours give prospective students an immersive experience of your campus from the comfort of their homes.


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Reach and engage high-intent students through the leading student research and college readiness platforms.

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