Remote Work Resource Center for Education Leaders

Remote Work Resource Center for Education Leaders

As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold, campuses are beginning to anticipate that many employees may have to remain in remote working situations for an extended period. Below, you will find some of EAB’s top resources for addressing the challenges and alleviating the pain points common to remote work. We hope to continue updating this resource center in the weeks ahead.

Run meaningful virtual meetings


Remote teams need to find ways to brainstorm, collaborate, and get up-to-date information with people across many locations. Use these resources for assistance structuring and hosting effective virtual meetings.

Want to ensure your meetings are always effective and never a waste of time? Use these proven strategies to make your meeting more structured, efficient, and useful.

Manage and support remote employees


Remote work can be an isolating and frustrating experience, especially for new remote employees. Use these resources to encourage remote employees and provide them with the tools to be successful.

During this time, as several in-person conferences cancel or delay and staff are remote, it is more critical than ever to provide opportunities for flexible staff engagement and professional development. Through the COVID-19 crisis, EAB is making our new Professional Development Resource Center available to all educational institutions.

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Deploy effective communication methods


Remote employees must spend a lot of time reading and responding to email and other media, undermining other productive work. Use these resources to write clearer emails, better manage your inbox, and leverage other communication tools.

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