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3 ways for EAB partners to get the most out of the new

Step-by-step guidance to create an account, access partnership resources, and register for events on our new and improved site

January 7, 2024

Welcome to the new and improved! We recently updated our site to make it easier for you to find the resources and events you’re looking for. Get started with the step-by-step guidance below.

What’s new?

  • Streamlined design with a new look and feel

  • Improved navigation and search function

  • Clear guidance on what content you can access

1. Log in to gain access to EAB’s research and insights library

  1. Click the “Partner Log In” button in the top right of the site’s menu bar.
  2. If you had an account on our previous site, your login information has not changed. Simply enter your institution email and password and begin browsing.
  3. If you’re new to our site, welcome! When you get to Partner Log In, click “Create an account.”
  4. You must use your institutional email address when requesting a login to the site—Gmail, Yahoo, and personal email domains will not work. If for some reason you don’t see your institution’s name in the drop-down menu, email [email protected]. Follow the remaining registration instructions and you will automatically be granted access to the content and resources your institution has access to.
  5. Not an EAB partner? Reach out to learn how we can support your institution.

Login and create account pages


2. Use your MyEAB hub to accelerate progress on core initiatives using partnership resources

  1. Our new site offers a MyEAB homepage for all of your institution’s EAB partnerships. Once you’re logged in, click “MyEAB” on the right of the top menu bar, and select “MyEAB Hub.”
  2. Your MyEAB hub is your portal to best-practice research, tools, services, and events that you can access as part of your institution’s EAB partnerships. You can also view your saved and recently viewed content here.
  3. Before embarking on an initiative, browse resources in your Partnership Hub, or search by topic to find related research and resources that will help to accelerate the implementation of proven practices on your campus.
  4. Not sure what resources are included in your partnership? A green ribbon icon next to a resource indicates that you can access that content as part of your institution’s EAB partnerships. A lock icon indicates that a resource is outside of your partnership; contact us to inquire about expanding access.

MyEAB page

3. Connect at EAB events with experts and communities that interest you

EAB events are one of the best ways to engage with EAB experts and connect with a community of peers tackling similar issues. To view the list of events within your partnership—both virtual and in-person—look for “Events” in the top menu bar and click “EAB Events“. You can easily register yourself online, or find materials from previous events on the “Past” tab.

When registering for an event with multiple session dates, be sure to click the drop-down menu of options to select that date you’d like to attend before clicking “Register.” If you need help registering or have questions, please reach out to [email protected].


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