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Research Report

How to Better Engage Faculty in Student Mental Health and Well-Being Support

An executive briefing for provosts and academic leaders

August 3, 2023 , By Kate Brown, Associate Director of Research Discovery and Design Liz Rothenberg, PhD, Managing Director

Key Insights

Student mental health is vital to student success, retention, and recruitment. Mental health concerns are a contributing factor to why nearly one third of students dropped out of college and student anxiety and depression are associated with lower grade point averages. At the same time, students and families are increasingly prioritizing mental health support as a major consideration when selecting an institution. 60 percent of prospective students reported that mental health services are a very important factor when selecting which institution they will attend and mental health recently topped the list of priorities for parents with college-bound children.

Given student mental health’s integral role in mission-critical goals, it became an urgent institution-wide priority. Read on for key takeaways from this research report.

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