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Align Workloads and Schedules with Student Demand

Instructional costs, primarily faculty compensation and benefits, are the largest single budget line item for nearly every university—and they are on the rise. For most institutions, these costs are largely fixed, making resource flexibility a significant challenge in an era of declining per-student funding and tuition revenue. Focusing on smarter and more efficient allocation of your current instructors is often the best way to achieve immediate benefits—for both students (often competing for seats in high-demand sections) and the bottom line (helping generate more student credit hours without adding part-time instructional staff).

Key Insights

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This roadmap explores four main areas within the topic of instructional capacity and student demand:

  1. Unpack the drivers of instructional costs
  2. Pick the right metrics to monitor instructional efficiency
  3. Identify the greatest opportunities for resource and workload reallocation
  4. Equip academic leaders to make smarter workload decisions

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