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Boost Process Improvement Success by Starting with the Right Projects

On every campus, the list of administrative tasks that could benefit from standardization, simplification, automation, or other improvements is a mile long. Instinct says to focus first on processes with the greatest impact on mission and margin. We recommend starting with strategic quick wins that earn buy-in for higher effort—and higher impact—projects. Proving the value of process improvement in the short term lays a foundation for engagement in the long term—so it’s critical to begin with the right projects.

Key Insights

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In this roadmap, we cover the following ways to strengthen your process improvement efforts:

  1. Amplify “customer” voices in collecting improvement ideas
  2. Rank process improvement opportunities based on institutional priorities
  3. Elevate quick wins to open the door for future opportunities
  4. Assemble a process-specific team to lead improvements
  5. Empower a process improvement coordinator to oversee redesign efforts

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