Hiring a process improvement professional

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Hiring a process improvement professional

In carrying out process improvement work, the most successful institutions bring together cross-functional teams made up of people with different perspectives and approaches—but all committed to making a process simpler, more standardized, and beneficial to the customer.

Process improvement teams are tasked with mapping the current state, collecting as-is data, redesigning the process, and developing and implementing an action plan for reaching the future state—in other words, the remainder of the steps in this playbook.

Consider hiring a process improvement professional to lead the efforts. Explore example job summaries, responsibilities, qualifications, and more.

This position is for the Berkeley campus; the UCPath PMO at Berkeley is looking to hire a Business Process Lead. This position will study the current business processes in the context of UCPath alignment and propose future business processes to improve productivity, efficiency, and operational costs. With a team of UCB business leads and subject matter experts they will examine the way the organization operates and recommend ways it can work more seamlessly with the campus customers, local HR/Payroll processing, and the UCPath center.

Penn State College of Engineering is seeking a Continuous Process Improvement Consultant to support managers and staff throughout the College with continuous administrative business process improvements. Reporting to the Director of Finance, this position will help the College realize the full potential of the University enterprise system transformations (people, process, and technology) by collaborating with HR staff (people) and system experts (technology) to help College staff understand, develop, implement, and continuously improve business processes (process).

The Senior Business Process (BP) Lead will be responsible for leading the scoping, planning, design, development, testing, and implementation of a project life cycle for Business and Finance business process initiatives. The successful candidate must understand and model the impact of significant business process changes, and assist with implementation of proposed changes.

The Sr. BP Lead works with business units’ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to inventory current state processes, model future state processes based on needs and strategic visions of the unit and university, manage issues and risks to completion, and assists in identifying additional resources necessary to execute the project plan.

The Finance Division at Carnegie Mellon University provides financial management, enterprise planning and stewardship in support of education, research, and strategic goals of the university. Our mission is to provide university partners with the tools and resources needed to be well-informed leaders and effective decision makers.

The Process Improvement Analyst at Marquette University will assist in the execution of university-wide initiatives to implement new and improve existing processes and procedures for IT Services projects. In this role, you will be creating a plan to improve processes and efficiencies.

Use labor market data to inform process improvement job descriptions and openings

We analyzed labor market data from June 2018-May 2019 in order to identify top trends for institutions looking for process improvement professionals. Business process improvement is the number one hard skill that employers post about when looking for a process improvement professional and management is the number one common skill.

Most often employers post about improvement coordinators when searching for a process improvement professional. Next is improvement consultants and then business process consultants.

The University of Pittsburgh and University of Miami are the top employers posting job descriptions for process improvement professionals. Continue to explore the frequently requested skills, job titles, and employers that frequently post job openings.

Hard skills refer to specialized, advanced abilities such as ‘business process’ and ‘lean six sigma.’ Common skills refer to personal attributes frequently sought by employers across industries (e.g., ‘management,’ ‘presentations’)

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