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Supporting the Well-Being of Teachers and Staff amid COVID-19

Address teacher and staff self-care and prevent burnout

Key Insights

Concerns of poor mental health and burnout among teachers are not new. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, three in four teachers reported feeling mentally and physically exhausted at the end of each day. Pressure to improve academic outcomes and growing concerns about student well-being have left K-12 educators more vulnerable than ever to compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress.

2020 has driven anxiety among teachers to new heights as they grapple with concerns over their own health and finances and worry for the well-being of their students, families, and friends. In May, 80% of teachers reported feeling anxious, worried, exhausted, and depressed. Reports indicate that these rates have only increased in subsequent weeks.

To support teachers through the unpredictable months and years ahead, district and school leaders must establish a portfolio of practices and programs that are effective, scalable, low cost, and sustainable. EAB research has found best-in class practices to revolve around four distinct pillars.

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