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Research Report

Blueprint for Enrolling a Diverse Student Body

August 23, 2018

EAB Strategic Advisory Services‘ Blueprint for Enrolling a Diverse Student Body is a four-part research series about how to identify, engage, and recruit students from underrepresented populations.

Enrollment managers, admissions directors and policy committees, presidents and senior administrators, and chief diversity officers should use this research series to guide investments and strategies to achieve diversity goals.

Explore the four resources below on topics like supporting first-generation students and charting the diversity landscape.

Access the Resources

Students discussing a book
Insight Paper

Charting the Diversity Landscape

While higher education leaders agree on the need to increase diversity, long-standing preparedness gaps create critical barriers for…
Strategic Advisory Services
Insight Paper

Evolving College Access Programs

A proliferation of college access programs fails to combat under-enrollment of underrepresented minority and low-income students. Discover how…
Strategic Advisory Services
Senior female university professor teaches in casual setting
Insight Paper

Supporting Parents of First-Generation Students

Parents are key influencers on college enrollment for all students, but the parents of first-generation students are less…
Strategic Advisory Services
Insight Paper

Delivering a Differentiated Application Process

To enroll more underrepresented students, enrollment managers must alleviate student concerns and minimize process barriers. Explore the nine…
Strategic Advisory Services

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