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Research Report

Leading with Career Development to Attract Prospective College Students

Three imperatives of a career-first enrollment strategy

December 16, 2020, By Afia Tasneem, Senior Director, Strategic Research

Key Insights

As the coronavirus pandemic threatens to leave a deep, long-lasting recession in its wake, prospective students and families are rethinking their college choices. Is a four-year college degree still worth investing their savings or taking on debt in an uncertain economy? Would it be more prudent to attend a less-expensive, more career-focused college?

In this “new normal,” it is no longer sufficient for institutions to highlight career support as an auxiliary service for continuing students. Institutions must showcase their essential role in the three core stages of a student’s career development journey—career discovery, skill development, and employer networking—to prospective students and families. This white paper shares practices that can help institutions attract career-minded prospects to their campuses.

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