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Insight Paper

Findings from EAB’s Survey of High School Counselors

Actionable insight for college admission teams

In today’s volatile higher education marketplace, high school counselors are key allies for enrollment leaders. No one has a better understanding of college-bound students’ rapidly evolving priorities and search behaviors, and no one is better positioned to serve as an advocate for your institution.

To help you benefit from counselors’ unique insights and serve this key constituency more effectively, EAB regularly surveys counselors on topics such as basic stats on their caseloads, which aspects of colleges they’re most interested in, and what students are most worried about. Findings from our 2021 survey, including cuts by school type (public, secular private, religious private) and setting (rural, suburban, urban), are summarized in this white paper.

Information you can use

The white paper focuses on actionable insights for enrollment teams, including:

  • Factors that prevent students from considering college—ones you can get ahead of with the right recruitment-marketing messages
  • Key barriers students face in applying to college that are within your power to fix (and ones that are not)
  • Crucial concerns that students and counselors from all types of schools share (focus here for large, broad impact) and others on which they differ (crucial to acknowledge for the right school segments, best avoided for others)

Download the White Paper

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