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Insight Paper

Insights From the 2023 Naviance Student Survey

Key Insights from PowerSchool’s Student Survey

Today’s students see a shifting landscape when they consider the future. In response to that uncertainty, students are more open to exploring a full range of possibilities when they consider their postsecondary lives. Many are open to paths other than a four-year college, and not all are convinced they need a post-high school education to be successful in their chosen careers. And yet, despite being open to a variety of postsecondary paths, many students feel pressured to pursue a four-year degree and want more information on the range of options available to them.

Each year, PowerSchool surveys Naviance students in middle and high school to assess their postsecondary plans, their perceived importance of Naviance, and more. This insight paper unpacks this year’s insights to help you build more fruitful relationships with Naviance students.

Download the Insight Paper