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Insight Paper

What You Need to Know: Preparing for the New FAFSA

A guide for higher education enrollment leaders

With the new FAFSA set to roll out in December, enrollment leaders across the country are asking themselves: are we prepared? This insight brief offers expert guidance on navigating the upcoming changes and maximizing financial aid opportunities for students.

You’ll get access to…

  • An overview of the upcoming changes to the FAFSA process, including release dates and eligibility shifts
  • Expert guidance on Pell Grant expansion
  • A closer look at key special circumstances that will impact students’ financial aid eligibility
  • Communication best practices to help you effectively communicate the FAFSA changes to all stakeholders
  • A discussion guide to help you facilitate institutional conversations on policy changes and the potential impact of the new FAFSA
  • Additional financial and policy considerations for enrollment leaders

At 11 pages, it is a concise resource for enrollment leaders looking to ensure they are ready for the meaningful changes ahead for both their institution and their students.

Download the Brief

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