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Margate University


Legacy enrollment challenges hinder an ambitious strategic agenda

In the five years before partnering with us, Margate University* saw year-on-year declines in enrollment—even as some of its regional competitors were enjoying double-digit growth. 

This was due to two factors: Margate’s modestly equipped enrollment team and limitations of its baseline offering(including student quality, academic programs, and physical plant). 

New leadership at Margate brought with it an ambitious strategy to fundamentally revamp its offering—and to fund that effort through enrollment growth.

*Name has been changed.


Our Undergraduate Enrollment Services team helped Margate implement a marketing-focused initiative to drive additional enrollment—an effort that would activate the application as a recruitment tool.

This was envisioned as a multi-year effort, in which early gains in revenue would be reinvested both in future recruitment efforts and in making substantive improvements to the quality of Margate’s academic offerings.

Activating the application as a marketing and customer service platform

At the heart of Margate University’s efforts was the transformation of its application from a mere information-gathering tool into a marketing and customer service platform. To achieve this transformation, we helped with everything from rethinking outreach copy to optimizing their application for mobile. 

Building on successes from its application-centered work, Margate went on to increase the scope of its recruitment work, initiating outreach to high school juniors and sophomores.


Driving historic gains in enrollment, net tuition revenue, and student quality


Enrollment increase in a three-year timeframe
Enrollment increase in a three-year timeframe

In its first year of working with us, based solely on its application marketing and senior search efforts, Margate drove an 84% increase in deposits. Across the following two years, Margate saw additional enrollment growth and doubled its net tuition revenue. 

The university simultaneously saw a 35-point improvement in average SAT score and increased first-year retention by ten percentage points. 

In the years since their initial results, Margate has matched and exceeded the annual gains it realized in the first three years of the partnership.

First-time ful-time enrollment

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