6 Strategies to Tackle Your Admissions Office Staffing Challenges


6 Strategies to Tackle Your Admissions Office Staffing Challenges

 The Great Resignation has hit colleges and universities across the country hard, with nearly universal impact on admissions offices. In the face of so many challenges, enrollment leaders can feel paralyzed about next steps in tackling high turnover, low retention, and a wave of vacant positions. This infographic provides a framework for implementing the solutions covered in EAB's recent white paper, Admissions Office Staffing in a Volatile Labor Market. Read on or download the PDF to learn more about what you can do right now to drive immediate impact, as well as efforts to address staffing challenges that span six months to a year ahead.

PNG-E360-EAB-Admissions-Office Staffing

Six categories of solutions

Cut your staff's workload down to size

Maximize flexible work options

Ensure appropriate compensation

Create an engaging work environment

Ramp up staff recruitment

Optimize your org structure

Tactics for enrollment leaders

Actions to take
right away


Cut the least productive activities from your staff's workload

Hire outside help

Maximize flexible-work options

Deploy recruitment and retention bonuses

Intensify morale-building efforts

Revise copy used in job postings and other staff recruitment communications

Take the initiative in sourcing candidates

Insights from the research

74% of employees today report preferring a hybrid or full-time remote position.

But only 11% of university presidents say that more than half of staff will be permitted to work remotely at least two days/week.

Failure to recognize employee performance is 2.9x more likely to cause staff to quit versus compensation.



Launch larger and more complex outsourcing partnerships

Lobby your organization for higher pay

Increase options for staff specialization and skills development

Build out a more robust recruitment infrastructure, including web-based resources

Establish partnership required to maximize the impact of your tuition-remission benefits

Insights from the research

37% of employees making less than $60K report seriously considering leaving their job—a rate 1.6x higher than for individuals earning more.

Opportunities for lateral career moves predict staff retention 12x more than promotion and 2.5x more than compensation.

One year and
longer initiatives


Implement longer-term, department-based, compensation-boosting strategies

Implement retention strategies targeting senior staff

Beef up your sub-entry-level ranks

Implement improved career paths

Insights from the research

Of retirement-aged individuals, 46% do not cite being ready to stop working as a leading cause of quitting.

Chart your path through the admissions staffing crisis

Read the full white paper to learn more about tactics you can employ to solve your institution's most pressing staffing challenges.

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