Optimize Your College’s Student-Recruitment Channels


Optimize Your College's

Student-Recruitment Channels

Improve recruitment marketing in an era of channel overload

College-bound students use an expanding range of channels to research and engage with the schools they’re considering. The challenge for enrollment leaders, then, is understanding where and how to connect with them. And it’s a challenge you can’t afford to ignore. Given the likelihood of a further decrease in standardized testing in the future, you’ll need to find new ways to reach and recruit students. That means staying on top of which recruitment channels they favor, what (if any) options each channel offers you for influencing them, and how the audiences and capabilities offered by these channels fit together.

Our new infographic explores this challenge and introduces a portfolio approach to evaluating your current student-recruitment channels. Our research shows it’s helpful to think of your channels as a portfolio—a collection in which each channel brings something unique to the table and helps advance your enrollment goals without redundancy. The infographic shows how a set of commonly used audience sources and channels advance different recruitment-marketing aims.

Download the infographic below or access the full white paper for more detail and examples to help you optimize your audience strategy.

Learn more about an optimized recruitment-channel strategy

Our white paper outlines future trends in standardized testing, how to identify gaps and redundancies in your recruitment-channel portfolio, and how deep integration between channels allows for scalable customization in prospective-student communications.

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