Conduct an Audit on Your Current Virtual Tour Solution

Conduct an Audit on Your Current Virtual Tour Solution

Does it meet today's digital expectations?

In an increasingly digital world, it is imperative that your virtual tour meets the needs of today’s students. Based on EAB’s work with more than 600 colleges and universities, we’ve compiled a comprehensive audit to help you evaluate whether your existing tool makes the cut.

The audit spans five key areas of consideration, which can be used to ensure your existing solution goes beyond buildings and maps to provide a compelling virtual experience.

Preview the questions and examples for yourself, or share with your team using the button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You can also download an editable version of the audit below, which includes a scoring grid.

An exceptional virtual tour tells a relatable and authentic story about your institution and creates an emotional connection with your audience.


Does my virtual tour allow students to hear directly from their peers?


Example: A student or alumni sharing what made them fall in love with your institution or what job they got after graduation

Does my virtual tour include messages from key influencers such as professors and coaches? 

Example: A professor talking about their intimate class size and dedicated office hours from inside a lecture hall

Does my virtual tour go beyond campus to give a glimpse of off-campus life?

Example: Show off your downtown area, surrounding nature, or bustling city life off campus

Does my virtual tour highlight aspects of my institution that make it unique?

Example: Showcase special traditions, events, and popular places around campus 

Does my virtual tour align with my institution’s larger brand identity and values?

Example: Highlight reasons why your institution values diversity and inclusion

Does my virtual tour allow me to incorporate existing creative assets to tell more a robust story?

Example: Layer YouTube videos and/or photos from social media throughout tour

An exceptional virtual tour combines the right types of content, in the right places, to keep visitors engaged.


Does my virtual tour combine a variety of media types to create an interactive experience that encourages exploration? 


Example: Weave together photos, videos, audio, and text in each scene

Does my virtual tour utilize 360 photos and videos to create a lifelike experience?

Example: Allow a student to step inside a dorm room to get a true sense of the space

Does my virtual tour include audio narration that orients visitors to the experience?

Example: A student guide welcoming visitors to the tour and telling them what area of the school or community they can visit next

Does my virtual tour have an introductory video to capture visitors’ attention?

Example: A short highlight reel that provides an exciting overview of your school

Can I easily add additional content to my virtual tour at any time?

Example: Add relevant content such as COVID-19 communications and new campus buildings

Does my virtual tour prompt students to take action based on their engagement level?

Example: Prompt a visitor to register, schedule a visit, or apply

An exceptional virtual tour is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate.


Does my virtual tour allow visitors to choose tour stops in any order?


Example: Jump right to residence-life tour stop

Does my virtual tour allow visitors to correlate tour stops to physical locations on campus?

Example: Support an interactive map

Does my virtual tour make it easy for visitors to take the next step in their journey?

Example: Call To Action buttons visible in a fixed location throughout the tour

Is my virtual tour optimized for mobile?

Example: Gyroscopic control

Does my virtual tour’s registration form have resuming logic?

Example: Enable users to pick up where they left off when they come back to the tour

An exceptional virtual tour is accessible anywhere and everywhere. It should be available across all devices and provide equal access to all people.


Is my virtual tour ADA compliant?


Example: Accessibility mode

Is my virtual tour accessible on any device?

Example: Desktop, mobile, tablet, and in virtual reality

Does my virtual tour support exploration in multiple languages?

Example: Help international students better understand offerings by providing narrative in their native language

Can I embed my virtual tour into relevant webpages and launch directly into specific tour stops?

Example: Launch directly into an athletics stop from the athletics webpage

Does my virtual tour partner have a website that is a go to information source for millions of prospective students and their parents?

Example: An organic college search page that includes your virtual tour

Can my virtual tour be found on other third-party search sites? 

Example: Peterson’s and Common App 

An exceptional virtual tour not only provides a great experience to visitors but also provides insights about the visitors.


Does my virtual tour capture inquiries and provide a weekly activity report?


Example: Utilize a built-in registration form

Does my virtual tour have an analytics portal that provides insight on visitor behavior?

Example: A visitor profile that includes key metrics such as engagement score and demographics

Does my analytics portal allow me to segment my inquiry lists for targeted marketing campaigns?

Example: Filter inquiries by interests, behavior, and registration data

Does my analytics portal show me how well my content is performing?

Example: See which tour stops are visited most frequently

Does my analytics portal allow me to benchmark my tour  against other institutions?

Example: See how your tour is performing compared to similar schools

Perform an audit on your virtual tour to ensure you are working with a vendor that meets the needs of today’s students.

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