Targeted Yield-Performance Turnarounds

White Paper

Targeted Yield-Performance Turnarounds

Learning from EAB’s Enroll360 Product Suite on How to Rapidly Improve Admitted-Student Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp relief just how drastically and suddenly a school’s enrollment fortunes can change. While it may be tempting to see the past two years as an anomaly, they are more likely a preview of things to come, as shrinking college-bound demographics promise to further heat up competition between schools. Surviving this environment will increasingly depend on transformative improvements in yield performance.

This report focuses selectively on approaches that meet the following three criteria: they substantially improve yield performance; they act primarily on the yield phase, as opposed to other funnel stages; and they may be expedited with help from EAB, thereby increasing speed to results. Based on these criteria, in the white paper we outline six recommendations for maximizing yield performance:

  1. Ask students about their intentions
  2. Use a robust predictive model
  3. Hardwire your response
  4. Treat aid-granting as a continuous, dynamic process
  5. Mobilize your campus community at scale
  6. Offer students an immersive virtual experience of your school

How to appeal to price-sensitive families

Learn how colleges and universities can improve their value messaging by understanding what matters most to students and parents and when and how to communicate true price.

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