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Partner Stories

Starfish Case Studies

How 25 college and university partners improved student success with Starfish

All types of colleges and universities have found ways to increase student retention rates, improve support services, and streamline the student experience with the Starfish student success platform. Explore the partner case studies below from community colleges, technical schools, and four-year colleges and universities to get inspiration for what your own institution can accomplish with Starfish.

Community College Case Studies

Carroll Community College

Increasing Retention When Faced with Declining Student Populations

Dutchess Community College

Tracking Student Success Trends with Starfish

Guttman Gommunity College

Supports Guided Pathway Program With Starfish

Moorpark College

Engaging Faculty and Creating Culture Change

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Increasing Attendance and Retention with Starfish

Technical College Case Studies

Blackhawk Technical College

Engaging Faculty and Creating Culture Change

Lamar Institute of Technology

Creating a Culture of Shared Responsibility

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Leveraging Technology to Increase Student Success

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Increases Faculty Engagement In Student Success With Starfish

College and University Case Studies

Lake-Sumter State College

Increasing the Bottom Line with Starfish Solutions

Morgan State University

Increases Retention with Starfish

University of Missouri

How Intentionality and Creativity Produce an Impact on Student Success at Scale

Penn State

Establishing Support Networks with Upgraded Student Success Software

New York University

Using Starfish to Strategically Increase Student Success Metrics

New York University

Addressing Completion Rates Through a Data-Informed and Starfish-Enhanced Summer Experience at NYU

Ramapo College of New Jersey

A New Focus on At-Risk Students

Ramapo College of New Jersey

A Culture of Student Success

SUNY Brockport

Tips and Tricks to Successfully Integrate Starfish Solutions Into Campus Culture

SUNY Brockport

Establishing a “One-stop Support Shop” With Starfish Solutions

Syracuse University

Building a University-Wide Student Success Culture

UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing

Using Starfish to Nourish Student Success

The University of Toledo

How to Increase First-Year Student Retention with Starfish Early Alert

The University of Toledo

Customizing Interventions to Improve Student Success for At-Risk Students

Westfield State University

Increasing Student Support through Seamless Implementation

Wofford College

Reaping the Benefits of Using a Centralized Student Success Solution