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Partner Story

How Pueblo Community College Leveraged Faculty Partnerships and Technology to Address the Community College Enrollment Crisis

Explore how Navigate helped Pueblo Community College leverage faculty partnerships and technology to address their enrollment crisis.
Partner Story

Improving Early Literacy Through the Science of Reading at Republic School District

Republic turned to EAB’s District Leadership Forum for the tools to develop a teacher training program grounded in evidence-based reading instruction and best practices for teaching phonemic awareness.

Case Study Compendium of Campus Flashpoints

This resource is comprised of exercises to prepare heads of school and their leadership team for how to respond to incivility in the classroom.
Partner Story

Leveraging Data to Enhance Budget Transparency at Old Dominion University

Through a partnership with Academic Performance Solutions (APS), ODU provided training and access to unit-level data to over 100 academic leaders across campus.
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How York Technical College Improved Grad Rate with TechEnabled Academic Planning and Streamlined Onboarding

York Tech partnered with EAB in 2017 and launched Navigate to empower and better guide students inside and outside the classroom.
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Central Michigan University improved training and assessment to better support students of concern

The behavioral intervention team (BIT) at Central Michigan University (CMU), called the Care Team, wanted to formalize their responsibilities to increase efficacy and reach to students in need of mental…
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Adult Learner Recruitment Case Study Compendium

Our Adult Learner Recruitment Case Study Compendium showcases the stories of six diverse programs and the transformative results they've seen since partnering with us:
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How Nashua Community College improved persistence rates to overtake the national average

Discover how Nashua Community College improved its 42% first-year attrition rate with help from EAB and the SSC-Navigate platform.
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How Creating a Data-Driven University Led to a World Class Student Experience at Georgia State

GSU saw an opportunity to target resources through structured, data-driven interventions such as class redesign, supplemental instruction, first-year learning communities, and retention grants. In 2012, GSU partnered with EAB and…
Partner Story

Inside A Community College’s Streamlined, Custom Enrollment Data Warehouse Implementation

North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) is a public community college in Mason City, Iowa with 2,500 students, about half of whom attend full-time.

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