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More Than a Statement: Learn How Ravenscroft’s Head of School Works with Her Board to Promote an Inclusive Community

To learn about how one head of school employed a proactive approach to engaging her Board of Trustees in the school’s efforts to promote a sense of community belonging, EAB…

Hallmarks of an Anti-Racist Institution: The Behaviors and Actions that Promote Racial Justice in Education for Independent School Leaders

The national conversation about the impact of racism following the murder of George Floyd and others has created an urgency around the need for change.

Exploring the behaviors and actions that promote racial justice in K-12

Learn about each of the seven hallmarks of an anti-racist K-12 institution through the lives of four BIPOC community members in this interactive infographic.
Independent School Executive Forum

ISEF: EAB’s Nationwide Collaborative to Raise Faculty Morale

This guided program will walk participants through step-by-step implementation of a systematic process for raising faculty morale based on best practices. Sessions are best suited for one Executive Sponsor and…

Making Your Independent School Digital Marketing Ads Count

The lessons in this resource offer a crash course on the applications of digital recruitment and the digital marketing landscape. This primer arms enrollment managers with the information they need…

How to Implement Indexed Tuition at Your Independent School

A central barrier to racial and socio-economic diversity at independent schools is the cost of attendance, and indexed tuition is one way to attract a wider array of families. This…
Independent School Executive Forum

Virtual Instruction Checklist for K-12 Educators

Every teacher must be equipped to instruct in a virtual setting this school year, but many struggle to do this well. This checklist summarizes 20 science-based instruction strategies that are…
District Leadership Forum

Guide for Mental Health Management in K-12 Schools

K-12 district leaders are expecting to see a continued surge in the number of students requiring additional support for their mental health. The ten strategies in this toolkit provide district…
District Leadership Forum

How to Respond to Flashpoints on Campus

Heads of school are being asked to respond to incivility in the classroom and events off campus. EAB recommends that schools prepare for flashpoints as part of their risk mitigation…
Independent School Executive Forum

Case Study Compendium of Campus Flashpoints

This resource is comprised of exercises to prepare heads of school and their leadership team for how to respond to incivility in the classroom.