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Research Report

Unpacking university research office structures

Research offices today must address unpredictable funding shifts, complex regulations, and increased competition from other schools for grant funding. These challenges expand and diversify the scope of a research office’s…
Research Report

Measuring K-12 Students’ Soft Skills

Research finds student soft skills development predicts future career and academic outcomes. Administrators can develop nonacademic, soft skills for students through these publicly available, time efficient, researched-back assessments of four…
Research Report

Student-Centered Math Reforms in High School

In student centered math classes, students reason mathematically, communicate their mathematical thinking to other students, connect math concepts to their experiences, and solve complex, real world math problems rather than…
District Leadership Forum
Research Report

How Gen Z’s demand for radical transparency and authenticity impacts higher ed leaders

Gen Z values emphasizing transparency and authenticity means they expect more information and input on institutional decisions. Meeting students’ expectations for transparency and access to decision-makers requires more dedicated time…
Research Report

District Program Evaluation

To increase staff engagement and promote a culture of continuous improvement, it is important to create a program evaluation process. This research report discusses how eight districts approach program evaluation.
Research Report

International Student Support Systems

International students experience unique barriers to academic success and persistence. This report explores international student support systems in higher education institutions in Canada and the United States.
Research Report

Benchmarking Facilities Project Management Units

Facilities leaders must improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their project management functions to meet their campuses’ needs. Through the 2018 Project Management Survey, EAB's report provides overall project management…
Research Report

Deepening Alumni-Student Relationships to Create Two-Way Value

Across the globe, higher education institutions are under pressure to deliver on a promise of graduate employability and outcomes. This report profiles strategies deployed by UK, US, and Canadian higher…
Research Report

Residence Life Operations

This report explores residential life operations at large research universities in Canada and the United States. It focuses on departmental organization and staffing, as well as residence life programming facilitated…
Research Report

Career and Technical Education Program Opportunity Guide

Discover how community colleges can identify viable program launch opportunities for career and technical education and plan for the cost of new programs.