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Research Report

Student-Centered Classroom Design and Technology

Administrators can greatly improve a student’s progress by moving them from an ineffective learning space to a highly effective learning space. This report describes how districts select and implement classroom…
District Leadership Forum

District Leadership Forum

Drive progress on district priorities with resources, implementation support, and expert advice from EAB
Institutional Strategy

District Leader Research Briefing: The Real Reason Most Districts Struggle with the Science of Reading

With nearly 40% of fourth graders across the country unable to read at a basic level, early literacy has become a must-solve issue for K-12 leaders. District leaders and state…

When hiring teachers, avoid these 3 mistakes

This blog shares three strategic processes districts can put into practice today to avoid mistakes when hiring teachers this upcoming year.
K-12 Blog

Cybersecurity Diagnostic for Education Leaders

Cybersecurity attacks among education institutions are on the rise. This diagnostic will help campus leaders identify key opportunities for improving cybersecurity protections in an environment of rapidly escalating attacks targeting…
IT Strategy Advisory Services

Comprehensive Vendor RFI Template for Education Leaders

To reduce overall time-to-deployment of purchased applications and SaaS and mitigate risk, IT and procurement groups in education are introducing standardized, comprehensive RFIs early in vendor evaluation. Use our Excel…
District Leadership Forum
Research Report

3 language mistakes to avoid in your institution’s DEIJ plans

As institutional leaders develop diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategic plans, it’s important for them to consider how they frame their priorities and commitments. EAB reviewed over 40 DEI plans…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

How to embed accountability into your institution’s DEIJ plan

Higher education is being asked to go further than ever to foster equity and dismantle systemic racism, but too few institutions have the accountability systems in place to facilitate follow…
Research Report

Technology Product Management Models

Technology product mismanagement can cost districts hundreds of thousands of dollars. This report profiles and compares technology product management models from districts with a record of superior technology performance (e.g.,…
District Technology Leadership Forum