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What is a market-specific recruitment strategy?

See how Drake University uses different goals and strategies to recruit students in their primary, secondary, and tertiary enrollment markets.

How to uncover hidden threats in past enrollment trends

While understanding demographic decline is useful, it’s only one component of the enrollment equation. Adding in the context of changing college-going rates and market share trends allows higher ed enrollment…
Enrollment Blog

The Gen Z Persona Equation

While Generation Z student characteristics overlap in some areas, their differences ican be used to test and inform marketing strategies.

Enrollment Management State Outlooks

The state profiles have been designed to highlight the trends and pressures specific to your region and the states where you target recruitment efforts to facilitate forward-looking discussions and strategy…

What the looming demographic storm means for your state

Uncover the demographic, affordability, and funding trends in your state.
Partner Service

Enrollment Analytics Portfolio for Higher Ed

EAB’s Enrollment Analytics Portfolio evaluates your institution’s enrollment performance over the past decade, visualizes key drivers of growth and contraction, and quantifies the potential impact of three macroeconomic threats to…
Insight Paper

Navigating the Recovery

Read EAB's white paper for our recommendations on how to respond to three pandemic ripple effects: the long-term impact of unfinished K-12, high staff turnover, and student mental health.