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Why enrollment leaders shouldn’t worry about Apple’s privacy changes (or Facebook’s response)

Should enrollment leaders who want to reach prospective students and families be worried about Apple’s privacy updates?

Which institutions benefit most from countercyclical enrollment growth?

Facing an economic downturn and fierce competition for undergraduate enrollments, colleges and universities are looking for a silver lining: countercyclical enrollments. This tendency for enrollments to increase as the economy…

Rapid Insight Retention Modeling Cohort

Are you interested in learning how to use data to predict student retention in Rapid Insight? If so, you are a great candidate to join the Rapid Insight Retention Modeling…
Partner Service

Enrollment Analytics Portfolio for Higher Ed

EAB’s Enrollment Analytics Portfolio evaluates your institution’s enrollment performance over the past decade, visualizes key drivers of growth and contraction, and quantifies the potential impact of three macroeconomic threats to…

2 strategies to maximize the ROI on your graduate and adult program marketing

Hear about two best practices in expanding your prospect pool and delivering the marketing messages that will resonate most with students—and the stories of how two universities used these practices to achieve…
Adult Learner Recruitment

The demographic cliff is already here—and it’s about to get worse

With dire predictions for fall freshmen enrollments making headlines, colleges and universities are bracing for the financial shock to come. While many are hopeful that even a partial reopening of…
Enrollment Blog

CBOs are struggling to make revenue assumptions for FY21. Here’s what we learned from a group of them.

Universities are struggling to create and adapt budgets for the upcoming fiscal year because of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Read the key takeaways from our conversations with CBOs on…

The ad campaign that helped boost FAFSA filings

FAFSA filing rates have been down significantly this enrollment cycle.. As part of EAB’s work to address this problem, we developed a broad public service campaign to remind students to…

Louisiana State University’s “Strategize Your Summer” initiative

This project, part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship, seeks to answer the question: "How do we increase summer enrollment while increasing student success outcomes?"
Strategy Blog

Want a 57% yield rate on MBA applicants? Look to your late pipeline

If you're looking to increase graduate program enrollment, don't overlook those who apply late. Our research shows that late-application students for graduate programs have higher yield rates and are of…
Adult Education Blog