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2 strategies to maximize the ROI on your graduate and adult program marketing

Reach new students and stand out in a crowded market

As the graduate and adult education markets continue to grow—and become more competitive, enrollment teams must innovate to reach new students and stand out in a crowded market.

Savon Sampson is part of the growing team supporting more than 140+ university partners in their efforts to grow enrollment in graduate, professional, online, and adult degree completion programs. In her role as a Senior Strategic Leader, Savon serves as university partners’ dedicated point person at EAB and helps support program design, recruitment, and enrollment strategy for her partners. Hear from Savon about two best practices in expanding your prospect pool and delivering the marketing messages that will resonate most with students—and the stories of how two universities used these practices to achieve their enrollment goals.

But the practices highlighted in this video are just one piece in a sophisticated, robust adult learner recruitment strategy. Explore the Professional and Adult Education blog for more insights and strategies to help meet your adult and graduate enrollment goals.


No matter how sophisticated your marketing strategy might be, it’s not working if it’s not reaching the right audience.


Savon Sampson

Senior Strategic Leader, EAB Adult Learner Recruitment

About EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment

EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment initiative combines consumer analytics, intent marketing, market research, and strategic consulting to fuel smart growth for graduate, online, certificate, and degree completer programs. Unlike online program management companies, we work with you to drive growth without assuming control of core academic functions like curriculum design. And unlike digital marketing agencies, we are a full funnel enrollment solution—with 30 years of expertise generating results from brand awareness to lead generation—all the way through application marketing and yield management.


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