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Envisioning a Multi-Modal Future Campus: A Call to Action for Cabinet Leaders

Join us for a conversation about the role of technology and multi-modality on college and university campuses, focusing on how hybrid and digital strategies can help leadership teams achieve critical…
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The Industry Future Series: Exploring the Next Era of Professional Programming

Discover resources that will help colleges and universities understand the most impactful ways to adjust academic programming to keep pace with technological advancements in the Digital Revolution.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Why equity is more than just the right thing to do

What is the economic value of college equity? We often talk about the benefits to an individual’s lifetime earnings, but what about the return for our society? This video explores…

Diversity, equity, and inclusion skills are defying the COVID-19 labor market: See 3 ways universities can help meet this new demand

Human resources professionals must contend with particularly fragile job security during a recession. However, demand for diversity and inclusion professionals defies this trend, driven by widespread protests calling attention to…
Research Report

How to compete in the degree completion market

To help guide enrollment strategy, EAB re-sized and segmented the adult degree completion market to understand student attendance patterns and degree choices, and the realities of competing in this challenging…
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Enrollment Analytics Portfolio for Higher Ed

EAB’s Enrollment Analytics Portfolio evaluates your institution’s enrollment performance over the past decade, visualizes key drivers of growth and contraction, and quantifies the potential impact of three macroeconomic threats to…

How to uncover hidden threats in past enrollment trends

While understanding demographic decline is useful, it’s only one component of the enrollment equation. Adding in the context of changing college-going rates and market share trends allows higher ed enrollment…
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Planning for Higher Ed’s Digital-First, Hybrid Future

College and university cabinets must start responding to financial and mission threats by adopting digital-first and multimodal strategies. Use his briefing to spark honest dialogue about higher ed’s multimodal future.
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The COVID-19 Outbreak’s Impacts Across the Professional and Adult Portfolio

As the coronavirus crisis impacts professional job prospects and university enrollment targets, professional and adult education units must develop innovative and flexible programs which meet the evolving needs of the…

Coronavirus Outbreak’s Impacts on U.S. Employer Demand

While the total impact on our economy will take months to unfold, EAB is providing initial analyses of regional labor market data to inform program planning conversations.​ Consider this early…