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5 reasons to join the movement to raise teacher morale

Our inaugural cohort of 30+ districts is starting the new year ready to meet the needs of their teachers. Their feedback on the experience highlights five reasons why your district…
K-12 Blog
Resource Center

Independent School Faculty Morale Resource Center

Low faculty morale isn’t inevitable. EAB has uncovered outlier organizations across industries that dramatically improved employee morale despite challenging circumstances. Explore our Faculty Morale Resource Center for guiding resources and…
Independent School Executive Forum

Faculty Morale Momentum Loop 101: Unpacking Implementation Essentials For Independent School Executive Forum Partners

These three, thirty-minute sessions will teach schools the implementation tools required to successfully execute each step of the Faculty Morale Momentum Loop. Participants will receive step-by-step guidance on how, when,…

More Than a Statement: Learn How Ravenscroft’s Head of School Works with Her Board to Promote an Inclusive Community

To learn about how one head of school employed a proactive approach to engaging her Board of Trustees in the school’s efforts to promote a sense of community belonging, EAB…

Hallmarks of an Anti-Racist Institution: The Behaviors and Actions that Promote Racial Justice in Education for Independent School Leaders

The national conversation about the impact of racism following the murder of George Floyd and others has created an urgency around the need for change.

Promote a Culture of Civility on Independent School Campuses

Heads of school are increasingly being asked to respond to incivility in the classroom and events off campus. Discover five steps independent schools can follow to reduce tension, address flashpoints,…
Independent School Executive Forum

How to Implement Indexed Tuition at Your Independent School

A central barrier to racial and socio-economic diversity at independent schools is the cost of attendance, and indexed tuition is one way to attract a wider array of families. This…
Independent School Executive Forum

Generative AI Taskforce Collaborative for Independent Schools

The Generative AI Taskforce Collaborative guides independent school leaders in establishing a generative AI (GAI) taskforce and action plan.
Research Report

2024 Voice of the Head of School Survey Executive Brief

Explore the results from EAB's 2024 Voice of the Head of School Survey and discover what 80+ leaders said about current independent school priorities, stakeholder relationships, and more.
Independent School Executive Forum

Investing in Faculty Morale

After three years of turmoil many faculty and staff feel unable to bring their best work to the classroom, let alone engage in strategic initiatives. Independent school leaders now need…