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Identifying Opportunities to Inflect Department-Level Costs

During the last session of the series, we'll explore the Instructional Costs tab on the APS Benchmarks dashboard.

Optimizing Instructional Workload by Utilizing Benchmarks

During this webinar, we will discuss how institutions can more accurately gauge faculty productivity by using department-level benchmarks.
Academic Performance Solutions

APS Benchmarks Bootcamp

This series will cover methodology behind APS benchmarks, as well as ways to use and interpret analyses to support institutional priorities.
Academic Performance Solutions

Intro to APS

The first session of the series will provide a brief overview of APS. Users will learn key terms and methodology, as well as how to access and navigate the platform.

Crafting a Maximum Enrollment Capacity Policy

This webinar provides both insights and tactical support to build and implement an effective max cap policy and improve reliability of fill rates. Join us to learn how to diagnose…
Research Report

Operationalizing Strategic Initiatives

CBOs must focus on reducing costs and ensuring that resources are allocated for innovative strategic initiatives. We profile 14 best practices for turning broad strategic goals into operational initiatives.

10 “No-Regrets” Analyses

Explore 10 analyses that isolate the key drivers of academic costs, pinpoint opportunities for savings, and allow department leaders to better meet future student demand.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

7 behaviors that guarantee inaccurate course capacities

The maximum enrollment capacity, or max cap, of a class is used to calculate fill rates. But these seven common behaviors can lead to inaccurate max caps, often resulting in…