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Accelerate the adult degree completer’s journey to enrollment

For many enrollment leaders, recruiting adult degree completers has been a difficult nut to crack. Learn three strategies to increase enrollment of adults considering finishing their degree.
Adult Education Blog

Diversity, equity, and inclusion skills are defying the COVID-19 labor market: See 3 ways universities can help meet this new demand

Human resources professionals must contend with particularly fragile job security during a recession. However, demand for diversity and inclusion professionals defies this trend, driven by widespread protests calling attention to…

Outcomes Marketing Toolkit

This toolkit supports recruitment of undecided career changers through 6 tools to refine outcomes-focused marketing messages.

Competing for Adult and Professional Enrollments

In this webinar, we explore five critical disciplines to secure share in the adult and professional education markets, including market listening capabilities, fast-cycle launch, and outcomes-based marketing messages.
Research Report

Explore degree alternatives

Adult learners must leave programs able to articulate and demonstrate the skills gained, especially if students completed non-degree credentials since most employers don’t understand what alternative credentials convey. Memorial University…
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Adult Learner Recruitment Case Study Compendium

Our Adult Learner Recruitment Case Study Compendium showcases the stories of six diverse programs and the transformative results they've seen since partnering with us:
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3 essential staff roles to grow adult and professional education revenue

Dedicating staff to these roles builds the capacity for more significant revenue-generating activities, according to a dataset of 230+ institutions.

The Many Journeys to Law School Enrollment

Attracting and enrolling best-fit students for your law school is challenging in part because every prospective student has unique motivations and timelines. Discover best practices and insights to help you…
Adult Learner Recruitment


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Design Credentials to Meet Adult Student Needs

Rather than choose a credential to launch and hope to find an audience, first determine the audience a program will serve and then build the offering to meet their needs.…
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services