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Design 2-Year to 4-Year Guided Pathways to Streamline the Transfer Experience

Guided Pathways was developed as a solution to stagnant completion rates, but implementation of this model varies widely. Use this roadmap to launch or improve upon your Guided Pathways efforts.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

Navigate Adoption Toolkit

The toolkit outlines 15 minimal-effort, high-impact practices for introducing Navigate on campus, promoting Navigate via email, and encouraging campus constituents through traditional mass communication methods.


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Research Report

Preventing Early Attrition

In an era of declining enrollments and heightened competition, community college leaders must focus on optimizing intake for incoming students by smoothing their path to enrollment and completion. This study…

Your college probably isn’t designed for your students

Community colleges have a growing imperative to support post-traditional students. Here's why (and how).

Worried about summer melt? Here’s how to fight it.

Summer melt season is here—when enrolled students fail to show up on campus come fall. Learn four rules to combat this trend with nudges to keep community college students on…

Beyond access: How to deliver on your college’s promise program

With over 200 communities across 44 states offering College Promise Programs, the urgency to improve retention and graduation is greater than ever. While Promise Programs provide unparalleled access for underrepresented…

How three simple community college onboarding changes turned into $70K

At Danville Community College, leaders uncovered three barriers facing students upon entry, and worked with EAB to streamline the student experience. The result? An increase in applicant-to-enrollee conversion in the…

Expanded Pell proposals and the challenges of financial incentives

The Obama administration's recent Pell Grant initiatives are a move in the right direction to help students graduate on time, but don't go far enough for community college students. Learn…

The art of effective student communication

Melinda Salaman sat down with Rebecca Gholson, Executive Director of the Center for Plain Language, to discuss how community college leaders can reduce jargon to develop clearer student communications.
Community College Blog