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Creating a Customized Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Dashboard

Elmira College is a private college with a total enrollment of 673 students, a 76% retention rate, and a 56% six-year graduation rate.
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Partner Story

Campaign to ‘Free the Data’ at the University of Montana Transforms IR’s Work—and Supports Enrollment Growth

The University of Montana has suffered from enrollment partnered with EAB’s education data platform, Edify, to improve data governance and increase access.
Research Report

Early Warning Systems in K-12

To prevent dropout and boost graduation rates, district administrators can use early warning systems to proactively identify and support students who are at risk of dropping out. Discover how to…

The Six Data Detractors Holding Your Campus Back–And How to Respond

Data has never been more vital to higher ed. Explore this infographic to better understand the data detractor personas that commonly hinder your efforts to create a data-informed culture—and discover…
Research Report

Enhancing Space Data Collection and Validation

This report examines how institutions can better utilize existing space on campus by improving their approach to space data collection and validation.

Getting your data efforts in order

Our back to school webconference series covers best practices for data governance and quality, data accessibility, and information security awareness.
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