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Research Report

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

This research brief outlines strategies used by six public school districts to increase teacher recruitment and boost teacher retention amidst the nationwide teacher shortage.
District Leadership Forum
Research Report

Defining the Faculty Role in Student Success

Making a meaningful improvement in retention and graduation rates requires extensive coordination among stakeholders across colleges and universities. This study will help you clarify how faculty and academic units can…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

Engaging Faculty in Online Education

This study examines key lessons for structuring ownership and budget models to create a sound foundation for the institution’s online ambitions.
Strategic Advisory Services

Engaging faculty in student success initiatives

Farrah Jackson Ward, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Elizabeth City State University, and Nancy Biggio, Associate Provost for Administration at Samford University, discuss how small schools can increase…
Research Report

How to encourage earlier faculty interventions

Many progressive community colleges have made investments in technology to identify at-risk students in the classroom earlier. However, faculty participation rates remain incredibly low. Learn how institutions are streamlining early…

Six roles for faculty in student success

Faculty play a critical role in shaping the student experience, but they’re surprisingly absent from student success strategies. Our infographic outlines six ways that academic units and individual faculty members…
Strategic Advisory Services

How to Make Your Institution Less Bureaucratic

EAB hosts a conversation with an author, academic, and expert on entrepreneurship to discuss ways to make colleges and universities less bureaucratic.
Resource Center

People and Workplace Culture Resource Center

To help leaders make the right investments in their talent strategy, EAB has compiled resources in seven categories that address the modern talent function and the faculty and staff experience.
Strategic Advisory Services

4 takeaways on combatting faculty burnout from our gathering of academic leaders

Read four takeaways from EAB’s conversations with academic leaders on combatting faculty burnout and integrating a culture of well-being.
Strategy Blog