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Graduate financial aid practices that best serve students

This fellowship blog looks at best practices that graduate programs can take to better support students financially while remaining competitive.
Strategy Blog

More Than Financial Resources: Strategic Opportunities and Threats Presented by the American Rescue Plan

We’ll analyze the American Rescue Plan and provide strategic guidance to institutions as they navigate the additional funds and stipulations.

Alternative Pricing Strategies for Colleges and Universities

The pricing landscape today is challenging. College and universities face acute financial pressures, and families are struggling to afford college. This resource provides in-depth analyses of alternative pricing strategies, as…

5 recommendations to create urgency around FAFSA submissions

Here are five recommendations on how to create urgency around FAFSA application submissions.

How to navigate an unexpected transition to admissions without test scores

Many colleges and universities have decided—out of necessity—to offer test-optional admissions for the first time for the fall of 2021. EAB has identified five guiding principles on how to transition…

How the Pandemic is Changing Tuition Pricing and Financial Aid

EAB experts discuss the pitfalls of “pandemic pricing,” the best way for schools to distribute financial relief to families, and the importance of communicating the rationale behind tuition prices.

Re-Designing Financial Aid to Set Up Students for Success

This webconference, the second in our series for directors of financial aid, reviews specialized financial aid programs that prepare students for on-time completion from day one by linking aid to…

Anatomy of an Effective Financial Aid Letter

College cost and financial aid are top-of-mind issues for students and their families, yet most aid award letters—the first communication families receive from you on the topic—are difficult to understand…
Research Report

Incentivizing Behavioral Change with Aid Dollars

Administrators across higher education have been calling student success a “top priority” for years, but pressure to improve success is growing. This study documents perspective and best practices on how…
Strategic Advisory Services

Why do fiscally conscientious students default on their loans?

Too many students default on their student loans, but it's not because they're poor money managers. Explore the reasons behind the high number of defaults and what community college leaders…