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Research Report

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

This research brief outlines strategies used by six public school districts to increase teacher recruitment and boost teacher retention amidst the nationwide teacher shortage.
District Leadership Forum
Resource Center

People and Workplace Culture Resource Center

To help leaders make the right investments in their talent strategy, EAB has compiled resources in seven categories that address the modern talent function and the faculty and staff experience.
Strategic Advisory Services

10 Tools to Communicate Decisions Transparently

Use this toolkit to identify how and when to consult campus stakeholders while making policy decisions and to share information equitably among employees with diverse needs.
Strategic Advisory Services

How to Create an International Strategy Champion

Learn three main models for empowering an international strategy champion at your institution so you can have more effective agreements with universities across the globe. Access sample job descriptions and…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

4 lessons for academic affairs leaders on advancing faculty diversity goals

As more colleges and universities set diversity goals, competition for the best faculty candidates continues to intensify. Read the major takeaways from our workshop with chief academic officers on hiring…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

How IT Leaders are Adapting to Remote Work: A Conversation with Peers

In several recent roundtable discussions convened for higher education CIOs, we asked IT leaders to tell us how they are addressing workplace trends and post-pandemic institutional needs.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

Before you rush to hire a new annual giving leader, make sure you are prepared

The temptation is to settle by hiring whoever seems remotely qualified even if they are not what you were looking for. Sure, you may get lucky, but do you really…

Part 3: Creating an Evidence-Based Hiring Process (Vol. 2)

Learn from administrators at The Pingry School with an in-depth look at their priority-focused interview schedule. This approach helps The Pingry School effectively assess candidates on the areas they have…

Use your employment page to reach the candidates you really want

As you expand recruitment efforts, you should consider that for many candidates, your school’s employment page is their first interaction with the school. Discover how to ensure your employment page…
Research Report

Recruiting Fundraising Talent at Community Colleges

This study examines seven tactics colleges can adopt to recruit fundraising talent in a competitive marketplace.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges