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Research Report

Gift Officer Classification and Compensation Structures

This project explores the compensation and classification systems institutions use for development officer roles. The brief highlights the procedures for classifying gift officer positions, and identifies key stakeholders involved in…
Advancement Advisory Services

Back to Basics in Construct and Predict: On-Demand Materials

This six-part series takes you back to basics in both Construct and Predict. Review the on-demand materials from the webinar to learn more about how to leverage these tools to…
Partner Story

Embedding Data in the Review Process to Improve Resource Allocation at St. Ambrose University

St. Ambrose University (SAU) is a private university located in Davenport, IA with a total enrollment of 2,916.

Realign Time Investments

EAB explores best-practices for realigning time investments to combat non-fundraising activity creep and shift the focus back to frontline fundraising. This is part of the Maximizing Fundraiser Efficiency series.

Enhance Intermediate Goal Accountability

EAB identifies best-practices for leveraging data analysis to identify work-flow pain points and enable managers to keep gift officer's on track. This is part of the Maximizing Fundraiser Efficiency series.

Gift Officer Metrics Tracker

College and university advancement leaders need a way to track short-term and long-term goals. This check-in template will help gift officers and managers track short-term contacts, moves, and leading indicators…

Create a Compelling Facilities Dashboard

Dashboards can be powerful tools. They enable Facilities leaders to cut through the noise of data overload and focus on a subset of metrics that enable better management and operational…
Strategic Advisory Services

Selecting the right metrics for your Facilities dashboard

Facilities leaders are struggling with too much data and not enough guidance to identify metrics to drive improvements.
Strategic Advisory Services