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Research Report

MOOCs as a recruitment tool: the University of York’s approach to ‘try-before-you-buy’ courses

Discover how the University of York’s used MOOCs as a recruitment tool with their ‘try-before-you-buy’ approach to courses.
Professional and Academic Services Forum

5 types of questions to ask families to improve the virtual learning experience

This fall, districts should create Family Virtual Learning Profiles, which will improve the effectiveness of remote instruction by better aligning virtual learning activities and communications with the needs of individual…

3 challenges you’ll face developing new online programs—and how to meet them

Here are a few of the hurdles academic leaders often encounter when launching online programs and strategies you can use to improve your online programs and the program development process.
Adult Education Blog

How virtual internships can improve career readiness for all students

Learn how districts can provide internships and apprenticeships (commonly referred to as “work-based learning”) to students virtually to improve career-readiness.

Delivering CTE and Other Hands-On Courses Remotely

In this webinar, we discuss the two possible paths for a course—remote delivery or no remote delivery—including how to determine which path is right for a course, what to do…

4 tips for delivering distance learning to Pre-K students

Remote learning strategies that work for older students do not translate to younger students who rely heavily on adult facilitation and cannot pay attention for long periods. In addition, many…

Providing Virtual Support to Students and Staff During Crisis

While these are certainly trying times, various circumstances can necessitate virtual services from today’s colleges and universities. Watch the on-demand webconference where EAB's Christina Hubbard, Senior Director of Strategic Research,…
Research Report

Launching an Online Education Programme? 5 Questions and Recommendations from EAB Experts

This report outlines decision points and lessons learned to consider when launching an online education programme at your higher ed institution.
Strategic Advisory Services

Growing undergraduate online enrollment

This blog post, part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship, focuses on growing online undergraduate enrollment by performing a gap analysis of existing on-campus degrees and developing a support…
Strategy Blog

Organizational Design and Strategy Benchmarks for Professional, Continuing, and Online Education Informational Session

Join Matt McAloon in an information session on the Organizational Design and Strategy Benchmarks for Professional, Continuing, and Adult education survey. In the November 16 and December 7 sessions he’ll cover highlights from…