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HBCUs Foster Student Success

Watch these videos to hear from three academic leaders at HBCUs and how Navigate compliments their student success agenda.

3 reasons to put your Student Information System evaluation on hold

Here are three reasons to put your SIS evaluation on hold—and consider a different path forward in your digital transformation strategy.

Finding your Pivotal Moments

Every person who works in student success understands that there are inflection points that can make the difference between a student walking across the graduation stage or ending their college…

Reform these registration holds to improve fall persistence

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated concerns over returning student registration for the summer and fall. Watch this short video, where Ed Venit describes what some schools are doing to reform…

The Power of the Nudge

This session leverages user experience research to explore common cognitive biases that prevent students from making good academic choices, as well as behavioral nudges that institutions can implement to overcome…

Navigate promotional posters

These posters can serve as visual reminders of the Navigate platform and its benefits to students, staff, and faculty on campus.

Why a Coordinated Care Network may be the key to improving the student experience

Learn how a Coordinated Care Network solves two key challenges related to the student experience.
Student Success Blog

How four schools engaged their entire campus for greater student success impact

Learn how four schools used technology to better engage existing campus stakeholders to see an immediate impact on student success.

The promises and perils of student success predictive modeling

We sat down with the Student Success Collaborative's principal data scientist, Lars Waldo to learn about the challenges and opportunities involved in predicting student success through predictive modeling.

6 common barriers to using data for student success management

Across conversations with a diverse group of student success leaders this winter, it became clear that people and process are at the heart of the challenge. Even the perfect data…