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Rapid Insight

Turn data into action with self-service analytics and user-friendly predictive modeling
Data and Analytics

4 things to know when planning for the future of teaching and learning

EAB convened 17 chief information officers (CIOs) to discuss opportunities and challenges facing the future of teaching and learning they see coming out of the pandemic. Read on for takeaways…
Data & Analytics Blog

4 new data opportunities for success analytics—and where you should begin

Growing volumes of student data present an opportunity for colleges and universities to deliver bespoke experiences and interventions for the right students, at the right time. Learn about 4 new…

Compendium of Digital Innovations in Higher Education

This compendium of digital innovations is designed to help you identify digital trends in higher education, engage in environmental scanning, and identify new opportunities for your own campus.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

How to Combat 'Digital Sprawl' on Your Campus

Guests examine the proliferation of purpose-built applications and IT systems that have taken over college campuses and offer tips on ways to tame that beast through digital transformation.

Digital innovation requires digital leadership. Here are 3 principles for success

Learn three guiding principles of student-centered digital change.
Insight Paper

Sustaining Student-Centric Innovation

Living in the shadow of today’s consumer economy, higher education is on the hook for delivering seamless, personalized experiences while staying true to its educational mission. Across three sections, this…
Partner Story

Leveraging Data to Enhance Budget Transparency at Old Dominion University

Through a partnership with Academic Performance Solutions (APS), ODU provided training and access to unit-level data to over 100 academic leaders across campus.

Elevate Data Literacy to Achieve Data-Informed Decision-Making in Higher Education

This toolkit is designed to help Academic Performance Solutions (APS) users, such as deans and department chairs, understand and build foundational skills for strong data literacy.
Academic Performance Solutions

3 challenges holding back your business intelligence efforts

Learn how your campus’s complicated technology infrastructure may be holding back strategic analytics efforts.