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2023 in review: A momentous year in higher ed

January 9, 2024, By Grace Anderson, Director, Product Marketing and Strategic Research

2023 was a year of big changes. As we reflect on the past 12 months, we’re sharing what was most popular with our readers this year—including you! Read on to see our 2023 trends and check out resources you may have missed.

The greatest hits

You dealt with tectonic shifts this year, and that’s reflected in the content you read and listened to:

We spent a lot of time together

  • You spent 3,795 hours reading our blogs online this year
  • We saw you at 128 conferences this year
  • We spent 248 hours in webinars with you this year
  • You listened to our Office Hours Podcast 62.7K times this year

What was on your mind in 2023

ChatGPT burst onto the scene this year, spurring countless questions about cheating, the future of work, and more. You found these resources helpful in navigating this brave new world:


You were probably worried about enrollment in 2023, which is bouncing back but still hasn’t matched pre-pandemic levels. These blogs helped you make sense of the shifting landscape:


This year you saw just how much student needs are changing. You used these resources to help develop new success strategies that meet today’s needs:


Your institution likely continued to struggle with staff recruitment and turnover in many aspects of operations. You read these blogs to find strategies for improving engagement:


This year you continued your journey toward making data-informed decisions the norm. You were especially interested in how to win over data skeptics and how to make practical use of your campus’s data:


As you continued working to make every student feel welcome at your institution this year, you found these especially helpful:


And speaking of infographics, from the campus of the future to childhood literacy, you visited a lot of infographics this year.

See you in 2024!

We were honored to navigate all the changes of 2023 alongside you. Next year is likely to bring more change—and with it, more opportunities for finding new strategies to help students succeed and make our institutions even more resilient. We look forward to everything we’ll learn together in 2024. Happy holidays!

Grace Anderson

Director, Product Marketing and Strategic Research

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