The First Data Management Platform Built for Higher Education

Education Data Hub (EDH)


As the technology ecosystem on campuses continues to expand, siloed systems create barriers to integrating and activating the full potential of data.


EDH is a data management platform designed for higher ed that unifies and organizes data assets across campus into a single centralized platform.


Activate the full potential of your unified data to support real-time decision-making with a 360-degree view of students, faculty, and operations.



Consolidate any data from any source into a single platform

Higher education leaders cite data silos as their largest barrier to data utilization. Drawing from 600+ integrations completed across a variety of vendors and enterprise systems, the EDH team will help you integrate new and existing data assets more quickly.

Student Systems

  • Student Information (SIS)
  • Learning Management (LMS)
  • Relationship Management (CRM)

Specialized Systems

  • Academic Affairs
  • Career Services
  • Student Affairs

Other Data Sources

  • Surveys
  • Labor Demand

Data Organization

Create a scalable data model that is system- and vendor- agnostic

Reporting out of new specialized software solutions and customized legacy systems requires creating complex integration webs and navigating divergent data definitions. Our Quad data model, built for higher education, organizes campus-wide information by business-use data definitions that are system- and vendor-agnostic.

  • Student Data

    Contact Info, High School GPA, Housing

  • Finance Data

    Accounts Receivable, Financial Aid, Alumni Giving

  • Academic Data

    Degree, Registered Credits, Term Level

  • Custom Data

    Student Surveys, Privacy Preferences, Wealth Indicators 


Data Activation

Build the technical infrastructure and culture to support data-informed decisions

To improve data usage across campus, you need to make data more accessible to end-users. With a user-friendly interface to access your data model and a library of APIs, seamlessly connect your Quad data to your existing tools (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, SSPS, and other downstream applications). Gain the ability to visualize, analyze, and act on data to make more effective decisions – at scale.

Let us be an extension of your team

Data management is only becoming more complex. EDH Professional Services give you access to data and strategy experts to extend your team and advance your goals.

Diagnostic workshops to understand your current vs. desired state of data governance and inform tailored recommendations.

Custom data science model scoped, designed, and built by experts to address institution- and department-specific objectives.

Build and customization of your existing BI environment using data from EDH to meet current and future needs.

Meet current and future institutional data needs with best-in-class cloud architecture, and provide expert management of a scalable data environment within EDH.

Design a future state business process with owners and tasks aligned to how EDH can be used to support the process.

Functional and technical components of implementation including data intake, data mapping, workflow development, QA, and outbound integration.

Results our partners have seen


reduction in time required to make a data change across all systems


worth of work time regained by an IR team no longer manually updating dashboards


Anticipated reduction in time to gather data required to complete all annual IPEDS surveys


Expand analytics capabilities and improve campus data use

Learn how Dixie State University is building the culture and technical infrastructure to support data-informed decisions with EDH.


Reduce time to make cross-system data changes by 75%

See how John Carroll University implemented EDH and reduced the time it takes to make data changes across systems by 75%.


‘Free the Data’ campaign transforms IR’s work

Explore how the UM and EDH partnership transformed IR’s work to allow them to focus on the University’s strategic goals.

Let us help you transform your data strategy


“We are building out something so robust. Education Data Hub represents a shift toward data being accessible to all.”


“We are setting up a consistent and repeatable integration environment where changing an integration is easy. The ability to extend the value of my team is priceless.”


“Without the infrastructure of EDH, strategic analyses are too labor-intensive. You’re saving us having to hire a lot more staff.”

To learn more and schedule a demo, please fill out the form below or contact us at (202)-747-1005.

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