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Education Data Hub

The Education Data Hub is higher education’s first Data Management Platform, providing an integration, governance, and analytics solution in one technology. Using a hub-and-spoke approach that incorporates internal and third-party data sources, the platform organizes data into the Quad framework, EAB’s proprietary higher education data model. With Quad, data is aligned by business purpose and available via a user-friendly interface. The Education Data Hub is a configurable and open platform that will grow with institutions as their needs evolve.

An Expanding Ecosystem of Technology Requires a Data Management Platform

With the emergence of cloud technology, more products are available for higher education users than ever before. But this has led to a fragmentation of data across campus, creating complex integration webs, imprecise data definitions, and a growing list of shadow systems—all which hamper decision making.

Research & Insights

This report profiles strategies and incentives to improve technical coherence between “best-of-breed”solutions and ways to scale IT capacity for the increasing number of integration projects facedby higher education IT organization

Establishing and sustaining effective data governance means bringing campus on board with the need for data reform. Before jumping into a data governance redesign effort and creating a framework for oversight, CIOs and other campus sponsors should prepare campus for the upcoming change by identifying areas for improvement, enfranchising leaders, and communicating the need for investment in data governance.

This study provides 13 tactics to help IT leaders improve the usability of analytical resources and provide campus members with the skills and support to make data-informed decisions.

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