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In this enrollment environment, leaders need real-time visibility into competitive market dynamics and shifting student trends. Fueled by the industry's largest data asset — built from 1.5+ billion student interactions — our Enrollment Services offering combines smart recruitment marketing and prescriptive analytics with strategic support to help colleges fulfill their enrollment mission.

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I once heard a vice president of enrollment at a large public research university say, "Before 2008, executing on the enrollment management plan was like watching a slug cross the road. Now it‘s like trying to catch a Superball." That statement nicely sums up the changes and challenges to enrollment in the last decade, which…

Crafting an effective communications strategy is becoming increasingly complex. Today’s high school students, the first generation of true digital natives, have multifaceted and shifting preferences. They are online nearly constantly, yet they still value traditional forms of communication highly. They are quick to adopt new communication platforms, and quick to leave them. Furthermore, this generation…

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