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    EAB provides chief research officers and their teams with best practices to achieve growth and performance improvements, while reducing administrative burdens. Our studies, toolkits and services give you tactics and strategies to implement the research, helping you compete for funding, engage industry partners, and improve communications.

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    Use Research Development to Pursue Large and Complex Federal Funding Opportunities

    Federal agencies are shifting funding toward large and complex (L&C), multidisciplinary, and team-based opportunities Explore the Roadmap to learn how to update your research development strategy as a result.


    Your Team

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    Rethinking faculty data management and security in higher ed

    Research universities are rethinking and reorganizing how they approach management and security of faculty data. While the NSPM-33 outlines important parameters for both universities and federal funding agencies, there are still many unanswered questions across the industry as it relates to implementation and downstream implications of this guidance.

    Design policies to retain and support BIPOC faculty

    EAB brought together provosts and chief diversity officers to discuss promotion, tenure, and workload policies for BIPOC faculty retention and career advancement. Explore the takeaways from the sessions that you can implement on your campus.

    How university research teams should approach change management

    University research teams often face high barriers to change on campus. To better manage and communicate new initiatives, explore the major takeaways from EAB’s workshop on change management.

    How to know when cluster hiring for faculty diversity works—and when it doesn’t

    As more institutions set diversity goals, competition for the best faculty candidates continues to intensify. As a result, academic leaders must take immediate action to increase the diversity of their candidate pool for faculty searches with changes to job ad language, candidate-facing websites, and interviewing processes.

    How Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification will impact your institution

    EAB’s IT Forum hosted a Q&A panel with three senior IT leaders with experience navigating Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) at their institutions. Explore key takeaways from the roundtable event.

    The responsibility and opportunities for economic justice initiatives in higher education

    The key takeaways below highlight the opportunities for higher education institutions, no matter their location or type, to begin tackling equitable economic development.

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    Partner Services

    Financial Sustainability Collaborative for Administrative and Organizational Effectiveness

    Participate in EAB’s Financial Sustainability Collaborative for Administrative and Organizational Effectiveness to assess the overall fitness of critical administrative functions and quantify savings opportunities.

    Guide to EAB’s University Research Presentations

    In partnership with Strategic Leaders, EAB’s Research Advisory Services experts work actively with partners to find best practices that suit your institution, and to help you make sound decisions that attract institutional support.

    University Research Website Audit

    Sign up for EAB’s university research website audit and a member of our team will complete an analysis of gaps in functionality, content, and design for your website.

    Candidate Experience Web Audit for Colleges and Universities

    Your prospective faculty website is the first resource candidates use to learn more about the institution, the surrounding community, and open positions. Participate in EAB’s Candidate Experience Web Audit to learn more about how to improve the prospective faculty experience when they interact with your website and apply for a position.

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