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Research Report

Trigger student interest with outcomes-focused campaigns

Students interested in continuing, professional, and adult education options are cautious about the total career benefit and ROI. To capture the attention of this growing professional student market, COE marketers must craft messages that alleviate this population’s specific anxieties and articulate a clear path towards career satisfaction and success.

Rising student loan debt has increased public scrutiny on the value of higher education and led to a rising trend of students—particularly those interested in continuing, professional, and adult education options—to cautiously consider the career benefit and ROI. But while many adult learners may have specific programs in mind as they begin a formal search for educational options, many others instead seek to understand the career opportunities available to them and only later consider further education as a way to achieve an identified professional goal.

This propensity to search for educational options based on quantifiable outcomes is most noticeable among a largely untapped audience of prospective COE students: early- to mid-career professionals who are dissatisfied in their current role and seeking to make a change either in their position or career. These individuals represent the next growth opportunity for COE marketers and program developers.

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The job site finds that the vast majority of job seekers conduct at least one search for positions outside of their own occupation category, and many do not search within their own occupation category at all. A recent study of career changer behavior conducted by Nielsen highlights these primary factors that dissatisfied professionals cite as barriers to making the change—

To capture the attention of this growing…

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