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K-12 Stakeholder Assessment Toolkit for District Technology Leaders

Fostering successful change management through tailored communication and engagement

This toolkit will help district technology leaders identify stakeholders and develop targeted engagement strategies and messaging to drive successful change management.

As CTOs pursue change initiatives in their districts, poor stakeholder communication can easily derail good faith efforts to implement, update, or decommission technology. CTOs and change leaders can set themselves up for success by addressing two common change management pitfalls. Firstly, by assessing stakeholders across the district and tailoring communication efforts; and secondly, recognizing those stakeholders who may lack perceived power but may hold sufficient power to veto change.

For any given project or change, this toolkit from the District Technology Leadership Forum includes frameworks to systematically identify and assess stakeholder needs, develop tailored engagement goals, and craft compelling messages to drive support.


“It’s not hard for my team to implement a new technology, the development and project management is easy. It’s not so easy to get people on board.”



Northeast K-12 District

Conduct a stakeholder assessment

Follow the three steps below to make sure you're getting the right people on board for digital initiatives.
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Map stakeholders

Use this framework to identify and assess stakeholders impacted by a change across three dimensions:

  • Source of Stake: extent of formal power based on role at the institution
  • Stance: Degree of support or dissent for proposed change
  • Urgency: Sensitivity to change

Assess Impacted Stakeholders

Maximize potential for action

Most transformations will face some level of ambivalence or dissent. Use this section to determine the appropriate engagement strategy and messaging based on stakeholder group’s combined source of stake, stance, and urgency.

Find the Right Engagement Strategy

Craft a compelling offer for change

Undecideds represent a group that can make or break any change management process. Generate support from undecided stakeholders by thinking through the core components of a compelling offer: consequences and value to the stakeholder, or their ‘what’s in it for me?’

Convince Undecided Stakeholders

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