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3 ways to ensure student equity amid the coronavirus pandemic

Engaging the campus community in student success

COVID-19 was initially pronounced as a “great equalizer.” Instead, COVID-19 is mirroring societal inequalities across race and socioeconomic status that continue to exist. And while there is a great deal of uncertainty for all students, Black, Latinx, and Native communities find themselves grappling with higher incidents of infections and job loss. To ensure these students return to campus in the fall, the support and solutions we provide for them must be comprehensive and multi-faceted.

What can campus leaders do? One of these biggest immediate opportunities is connecting students with additional financial support. In this short video, Meacie Fairfax describes the multiple resources and personnel that campus leaders are deploying to provide a path back to campus for all students.

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This resource is part of our larger research initiative, focusing on DEIJ initiatives. 


Creative ways schools are using technology to address equity barriers

Three of our partners shared how they did this with the strategic use of technology, ultimately making a tangible impact in the lives of the students most in need of support.

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